The Comparison Between Child Resistant Cannabis Packaging and Senior Friendly Packaging

The Comparison Between Child Resistant Cannabis Packaging and Senior Friendly Packaging

Designing packaging that keeps children out and safe is critical and no small feat. However, it’s imperative that the same packaging that keeps children out doesn’t keep seniors out as well. So, what are child resistant cannabis packaging and senior-friendly packaging? discussed below:

What is Child Resistant Cannabis Packaging?

Child resistant cannabis packaging is a standard with stringent safety standards. These standards are in place to keep children safe and unable to access goods deemed toxic for them.

More and more states now require child-resistant cannabis packaging. The testing process to earn certification as child-resistant is rigorous and probably not what you’d expect.

Child Resistant Packaging Testing

When testing for child resistant packaging certification, a group of three and four-year-old children stand-in as testers. The children set up in pairs and have five minutes to gain access to its contents.

If either child hasn’t opened the package in the five minutes allotted, the supervisor will demonstrate how to open it. They learn they can use their teeth to help them if they haven’t already tried this technique.

After both allotments of time, child-resistant effectiveness can be measured with strict thresholds of what does and doesn’t pass. The success of 85% or higher must be met for opening before the demonstration and at least 80% after.

With testing levels this rigid, packaging must be designed strategically to be certified and ensure children’s safety.

But what about seniors? Removing the risk of children accessing cannabis within packaging should not be the only consideration.

What is Senior-Friendly Cannabis Packaging?

Nearly 50 million people in the US are 65 and older. By 2060, the number of seniors 65+ is expected almost to double. This aging population has a disproportionate amount of health issues compared to younger generations.

Many can benefit from the use of cannabis. However, only if they can open the packages.

Senior-Friendly Testing

Cannabis packaging must be senior-friendly. To do so, tests are run on the senior generation, namely adults ages 50-70.

Like with the test with children, seniors are given five minutes to open the packaging. If the packaging can also be reclosed, they are asked to do that as well.

If they aren’t successful, seniors are asked to open non-child-resistant packages in a single minute. At least 90% of the seniors in the test need to be able to open and close both sets of containers.

What if the packaging doesn’t pass a child-resistance or a senior-friendly test?

If the packaging doesn’t pass the tests, companies are sent back to the drawing board. This means more time and more money for them to get the regulations met.

Ultimately, getting the packages right is essential in regards to safety and preserving your product.

When choosing a senior-friendly and child-resistant package for your product, you need to meet regulations while ensuring your product maintains peak freshness and shines on the shelf.

Our child resistant paper drawer boxes and child resistant paper tubes are ideal for concentrate container packaging and vape cartridge packaging. As the name implies, they are easy to open for seniors while still meeting extensive CR regulations.

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