The advantages of gift box packaging

The advantages of gift box packaging

Gift boxes are the high-end packaging, which can be made from a variety of materials, paper, cloth, leather, wood, plastics, etc. It involves hand-made, surface treatment and post-processing complex, so the gift box is suitable for high-end goods packaging, such as jewelry, cosmetic, food, apparel and other industries.


The gift box can be tailored to the product's own packaging. The packaging gift box has the following advantages: 1. Environmental advantages: not only can be reused, but also can be made from waste paper packaging products. Because the paper packaging box can be recycled and reused, it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The paper material is cheap and easy to transport. The paper packaging box can be easily formed into various shapes, and the special structure of the paper fiber can also be used for fruits and the like. Resistant packaging is required. These are some of the common benefits of paper packaging; paper packaging materials also have soft, controlled tear properties; paper has good elasticity and toughness, and can provide good packaging. The protective effect; the paper is also lightweight and diverse.


2. The packaging material is non-corrosive and has the properties of insect proof, anti-mite, anti-mouse and microbial inhibition to protect the product. Packaging the product with appropriate packaging materials can save a lot of cost, and can also be used at a lower cost. The product is safely protected. The packaging materials are suitable for processing, and it is easy to make various packaging containers. It should be easy to be mechanized and automated for packaging operations, so as to be suitable for large-scale industrial production, which should be suitable for printing and convenient for printing and packaging.


3. In the process of gift box printing, many companies feel that this is a very simple matter. It feels that it can be handed over directly to the printing house, but they neglect the details of the process of printing the gift box, so that it is finally printed. The products are not as effective as they expected, and then lead to waste of production and the addition of capital, so in this process, care must be taken of every detail.


4. Design should be based on simplicity. The succinctness here is that the boutique box is not the same as the simple one. The design should be vivid and layered. It is above the plane, through the rendering of the ink, it presents an undulating visual impact. In addition to the necessary die-cutting and pasting, the post-production process has a lot of finishing, such as laminating, oiling, bronzing, hot silver, drumming, hollowing, indentation, etc., which can greatly improve the gift box. Appreciation effect and grade.

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