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Shenzhen Zhibang Packaging and Printing Co.,Ltd has been built in 1998, with 21 years development, we have become the famous manufacturer for the packaging products and the printing services. Located in Shenzhen, Zhibang Packaging and Printing has built a completed supplying solution for our customers, we not only provide the packaging boxes, gift boxes, shopping bags, cardboard displays, printing services to our customers, but also can supply the packaging design, printing t...

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Company: Shenzhen Zhibang Packaging And Printing Co.,Ltd.

Contact: Aaron Lee

Tel: +86-135 7086 6244

Phone: +86-135 7086 6244

E-mail: info@zhibangpackaging.com

Address: Li Songlang 2nd Industrial Zone,No.18,FengTang Rd,Guangming New District,Shenzhen

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