6 Essential elements of premium gift box packaging

6 Essential elements of premium gift box packaging

1.     Gift box is often using to promote interpersonal communication. How to customize high-end gift box packaging has become a knowledge, which is relating to the sales of gifts and the effect of gift giving. It has attracted more and more attention of packaging manufacturers, businesses and end customers. A successful gift box packaging should have at least 6 points

2.     The packaging fits the product's own properties. First, the design should consider the fit with the gift box. The gift box does not mean that the more beautiful the more luxurious the better. The most important thing is to be able to respond to the product and give points to the product. The design concept of gift box should be consistent with the product concept. In this way, we can better reflect the product and gift box fit. For example, local specialty gifts should highlight the place of origin in packaging, and local unique cultural attributes should be adopting in design. For example, the packaging of food and health products can highlight their green, natural and environmental attributes. Luxury packaging needs to highlight its luxury, high-quality attributes.

3.     Packaging needs to be consistent with corporate culture VI as a whole. The high-end gift box packaging needs to be combining with the VI of the enterprise to reflect the differences and highlight the corporate culture, to be different, deepen the brand awareness of customers and enhance brand loyalty. So as to achieve the purpose of promoting sales. The core elements such as logo, main color and company concept should be integrating into the packaging. 

4.     A kind of Packaging needs to protect the product and facilitate transportation. For example, for all glass products, it is necessary to fix the products to avoid the loss during transportation. For different products, it is worth noting whether the outer packing should be firm or soft and whether there should be inner lining

5.     Packaging processing needs to choose reliable manufacturers. A good manufacturer can meet our needs, at the same time, the production materials will be relatively guaranteeing, and the quality of packaging will affect the level of product packaging. At the same time, we should choose a trustworthy and punctual manufacturer, and timely delivery can ensure that our thoughtful service can do the most intimate service for our guests. At the same time, a good manufacturer with rich experience can give us some professional opinions, so that the product packaging will be more in line with our positioning needs. It can be comprehensively considering from the strength of the processing plant, production equipment, personnel management, labor proficiency, production experience, successful cases, etc. It is very important to choose a suitable packaging manufacturer, which is directly relating to the quality of gift box packaging. It needs careful consideration.

6.     Packaging needs to be policy oriented. Excessive packaging increases the cost of customers. At the same time, excessive packaging will cause unnecessary waste of materials. Over packaging has aroused social concern. At present, Shanghai has issued some measures to rectify over packaging. At present, environmental protection has gradually become the basic national policy in China, which is embedding in packaging. We should try our best to use environmentally recyclable materials, which is the embodiment of the social responsibility of enterprises. It will also be welcomed by more customers

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