How to know about kraft paper packaging

With the rapid development of the packaging industry, customers’ requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher. Kraft paper packaging has become a popular common packaging. 

Kraft paper packaging can be seen everywhere in our life, whether it is food packaging, ordinary packaging or gift packaging. People’s awareness and recognition of Kraft paper is getting wider and wider. The advantage of Kraft paper not only it looks food on the packaging, but it also has very good physical strength. The most important is that the Kraft paper is more environmental friendly then other packaging materials, and the use of Kraft paper for packaging can show company’s emphasis on environmental protection.

Kraft paper packaging in life is generally used in Tea, Electronics, Flowers, Food industry, etc. For example, the Kraft paper is very suitable for tea packaging because the Kraft paper has a certain water absorption. Somehow there will be some moisture in the air, and tea is easy to be spoiled by moisture, so the use of Kraft paper packaging can effectively prevent the deterioration of tea. Many electronic products are also made of Kraft paper. For example, mobile phone boxes and router boxes are made of Kraft paper. In the food industry, KFC's dining pad is Kraft paper. Anyway, the Kraft paper for food is food-grade Kraft paper, which is different from ordinary paper; But I think the most widely used is the flower industry. Because the packaging of the bouquet is the finishing touch, the Kraft paper itself is a retro natural color, and the color after coloring can show a distinctive effect. Preserving the original color of the cowhide, it is especially suitable for rural, forest or artistic design.

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