Five Most Common Tips When Designing Custom Cannabis Packaging in 2022

Custom packaging can improve your cannabis business. It will save lots of your money and time, and grow your brand influence as well as reputation with custom packaging. It will meet your requirements, bring your brand to be alive when your creative your own packaging to fit your products. There are numerous benefits to utilizing custom packaging.
Benefits of custom packaging should not be overlooked, but there are some tips should be noted. You’ll want to review these 5 common tips before beginning the custom packaging process when it comes to finding out the best solution on cannabis packaging industry.

1. Find out the proper type of package.
Cannabis packaging comes in various shapes and size with various materials. Glass containers, plastic jars and mylar bags are only the beginning. The printing capabilities for each material vary, but packaging can be customized to bring your brand to life with a professional customization and packaging supplier. 
The style of packaging you need with a professional customization program depends on your goals and products. These features and needs should be assessed ahead of time before creating the packaging. For example, You will need the the paper boxes or tubes in rigid paperboard to keep them stable during shipping and storage if you want to find the secondary packaging for the glass containers and plastic jars. 
Glass containers and plastic jars look great, but if they are not the right style for your product, they will affect your sales. Meanwhile, a jar that is designed for your needs can grow your sales.

Lastly, ensure you’ve reviewed what regulations may stipulate which kind of box and tubes you need to use. Choosing the correct type of package for your cannabis products is essential to your success. If you have no ideas about the proper type of package, you can check out this link to know the most popular types of package:

2. Check out your requirements on dimensions
You should be sure that you have known the correct dimension before  goting to place an order for the custom cannabis packaging. Customizing packaging that is too big or small is a costly error that you do not want to make. 
For example, you should provide the diamter and height for the round glass containers and plastic jars, rather than the capacity if you want to consider the size and quantity before customize the paper box or paper tube. Customers unlike to get the empty paper box and paper tu be if glass container is too small but paper box or paper tube is too big. The ratio is too poor.
Always double check your sizing before you invest in custom packaging to ensure your money is well spent and can help you make money, not waste money.
3. Provide High Definition Pictures.
You should make sure that you can provide high definition pictures to your custom cannabis packaging supplier when you want to print out your graphics design on paper box or paper tubes. High quality pictures help you supplier to print your design well. If you do not have the design, your supplier can help you finish the graphics designs by the high definition pictures as well.  High quality images will ensure that your branding is clear and not grainy when printed on the jar, box, or bag. A pixelated image looks unprofessional and cheap, two things with which you do not want your brand associated.
In Zhibang Packaging, you can work with professional designers who know what quality is needed and eliminate the risk of poor print quality. You’ll see a mockup to ensure it looks right for your needs but they can ensure that the specs are correct so the end result is crystal clear.
4. Prepare for the plan in advance
Custom packaging will help you sell more products and grow your business but it does have a longer lead time than stock products. Lead times are a non-issue if you make the plan in advance. Lead times should be built into your schedule to allow a smooth transition into the new packaging. The benefits are there but you need to build the extra time into your schedule so you don’t end up with a big gap in production or supply. 
5. Design based on the customers' requirements.
Even great products may fail if customers don’t know about them. It is imperative that you create your packaging to draw your core consumer in. You absolutely must think about your consumer and what they are looking for in a product when designing the custom packaging. This might mean colors, fonts, images, and packaging style. 
Without factoring in your consumer, you risk creating custom packaging that is unappealing and won’t drive sales. Look what product packaging is drawing consumers in, pair that with your branding and design custom packaging that will support your bottom line. 

Zhibang Packaging can help you avoid these pitfalls with design, sizing, specs and any other crucial aspect of custom packaging. Working with a professional supplier of customized packaging ensures you’ll have the support and guidance to get each detail right the first time. Contact Zhibang Packaging today to get started on your next custom packaging project.

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