Choose the Right Printing Method for Cannabis Concentrate Packaging

Choose the Right Printing Method for Cannabis Concentrate Packaging

Your branding success depends on two main factors: your product and your packaging. Successful packaging grabs your customer’s attention, communicating the quality and compliance of your product. So, choosing the right printing method for your cannabis packaging is very important and quite confusing too. let us make it simple for you.
Once you create your packaging design, you need to get it transferred onto your bags. When researching printing techniques, you’ll find there are two keywords, “offset printing” and “digital printing.” Both printing methods serve a specific purpose and should be carefully considered before printing thousands of pieces.

Different Types of Printing Methods For Cannabis Concentrate Packaging

What is offset printing?
Offset printing, or “plate printing,” uses plates to transfer an image onto a rubber “blanket” before rolling the image onto your packaging. Once the plate system is set up for a project, you can efficiently print high quantities. When looking to print a large volume of packages, this offset approach is your best bet. In addition to being efficient, offset printing creates a truly professional finished product. This printing approach renders precise color reproduction with sharp, crisp lines on the first and the thousandth copy.

What is Digital Printing?
Digital printing is what most home laser printers use. Digital printing doesn’t use plates, but instead prints directly onto the package itself.
This direct process is quick and simple. Without a heavy upfront setup, digital printing allows you to change the copy swiftly from one project to the next. Say you need to change the weight and volume from one bag to the next, digital printing simplifies this task.
Additionally, unlike with plate printing, smaller batch print jobs are a simple cost-effective option with digital printing.

What is the Best Printing Method for Cannabis Concentrate Packaging?
Offset printing and digital printing both have their advantages and shortfalls. Each method has benefits, depending on your goals and desired outcomes. 
Benefits of Digital Printing
1. No setup costs for small quantities
2. Low minimum order quantities
3. Print and reprint as needed
4. Variable data capability, i.e. the ability to print multiple designs in one run.
Benefits of Offset Printing
1. Very cost effective for larger quantities.
2. Custom finish, ink, and Pantone color options, with the ability to use matte and shiny finishes on the same surface
3. Highest quality & detail
Best Printing Method for Cannabis Concentrate Packaging
Offset printing and digital printing are both useful and have their own specific advantages depending on your packaging needs.
When you have 10 thousand, or more, child-resistant paper boxes and paper tubes to print, offset printing is the best option. This gives you a cost-effective, high quality, and large volume approach to printing cannabis packaging boxes.  
Alternatively, if you need 500 concentrate container packaging boxes for a unique strain to test on the shelves, digital printing is your best solution.
Choosing which printing method, you need for your cannabis packaging requires understanding the options and assessing your goals. Additionally, you need to work with the right custom packaging supplier. 
Partnering with the right custom packaging supplier is essential. Opt for a supplier that can utilize both printing methods; printing how you need it when you need it for any project. Contact Zhibang Packaging today to get started on your packaging project.

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