How do packaging gift box manufacturers avoid printing chromatic aberration?

How do packaging gift box manufacturers avoid printing chromatic aberration?
In the usual printing and processing process, how to adhere to the integrity of the printed color is always one of the difficulties that puzzles packaging gift box manufacturers. For customers, the quality problem that they don’t want to see is the color difference. Due to the color difference, the entire packaging box The design is ruined. Below, packaging gift box manufacturers summarize the key points to avoid printing color difference, hoping to help us avoid "stepping on thunder."

1. Use printing standard light source. The printing color seen in the daylight during the day shift is quite different from the printing color visually observed under the lighting fixtures during the night shift, and then it is very simple to constitute a different printing color. Therefore, the workshops of packaging gift box manufacturers are equipped with printing standard light sources to carry out lighting fixtures, and when necessary, they must also be equipped with standard light boxes to avoid printing color difference.

2. Guarantee the quality of water-based ink. Some customers will respond to this situation: After the printed matter is left for a period of time, the color of the printing ink will gradually change, but the previous batch of printed matter did not experience the same situation. Generally, the shelf life of printing inks is one year. It is very easy to use printing inks that are close to expiration, such as fading of printed products. Therefore, you must pay attention to the shelf life of printing inks when using printing inks.

3. Care about the production of spot color printing inks and the transmission of information. Packaging gift box manufacturers often need to be equipped with spot color printing inks during the printing process. Spot color printing inks are equipped with various natural printing inks, and most of the natural printing inks are basically Pantone colors, so people are equipped with spot color printing inks. It is usually equipped according to the proportion obtained on the Pantone color card. What is important is that the production of printing inks on Pantone color cards may not be completely accurate, and there are often subtle differences. Therefore, it is necessary to regulate the work experience of the actual operation staff. The rules should be highly sensitive to the color of printing ink. Continue to accumulate working experience in spot color printing ink equipment, improve color sensitivity, and exceed the level of flexible use of printing ink equipment. 

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