The Seven Benefits of Paper Tube Packaging

The benefits of paper tube packaging

Paper tube packaging is new trend in paper packaging industry, it is becoming more popular and attractive for customers in the world, which can provide the unique packaging solution for customers as an alternative packaging to replace the paper boxes and plastic packaging, as well as, the paper tube packaging can supply the perfect protection to the products of customers from the damaged and the defective during shipping and warehousing. Thanks to the rigid paper of paper tube packaging, it will be very strong and lightweight to make the transportation more easier and efficient. Furthermore, the materials of the paper tube packaging are environment friendly, it will reduce the packaging waste and save the earth sourcing. Nowadays, the paper tube packaging is widely applied to various industries including cosmetics packaging, food packaging, beverage packaging, clothing packaging, consumer electronics packaging, jewelry packaging, etc.
We would like to share the main benefits of the paper tube packaging in this article, and let more and more people to know the benefits of choosing the paper tube packaging as the first choice for products packaging.

1. Safe Packaging and Durable Packaging
Paper tube packaging is safe and durable which is decided by the materials and dimension. The paper tube packaging can be fit perfectly for the any type of products because the customer can customize it in different shapes and dimensions. The products can be fastened tightly by the exact dimension, which keep the products away from the damaged and the defective from transiting and storage. The paper tube packaging is the best cushioning to the products when the customer has to do a long-distance transport to the products, it will reduce the risk of scratch, collide and squeeze to make sure the products can be protected well. At the same time, the paper tube packaging can reduce risk of the external weather occasions, the strong paper tube can ensure the products is prevented from the sunlight, wind, wet, and rain. The products in a confined space of the paper tube packaging can be surely safe.

2. Eco-Friendly
The paper tube packaging is the newest trend in packaging industry, it is the most sustainable packaging solution which will be friendly to our earth. Other packaging solution, especially the plastic packaging can lead to much more unnecessary junk which will pollute the land and the ocean, even more, some plastic packaging will be harmful to the human and animal health. Those unacceptable pollution makes us be aware of the danger of non-degradable packaging, and lead us to preferring the eco-friendly packaging, which not only achieve the packaging effects but also protect our environment.
The paper tube packaging is 100% eco-friendly and environment-friendly. Generally speaking, the materials of the paper tube packaging are biodegradable, won’t cause any harmful waste to the natural environment, those materials of paper tube packaging can be simply recycled, will save lots of energy and sources. This benefit can help your products build an eco-friendly brand image, attract more and more customers with the environmental protection heart, win the more and more marketing share among your competitors.

3. Lightweight and Easy to Transport
The paper is one kind of lightweight packaging materials, the paper tube packaging will be easy and helpful for your products to ship. As usually, the paper more lighter than other packaging materials including the plastic, the wood, and the metal, etc. The products in the paper tube packaging can be easily stacked and rolled above one another which will save much more storage space to make the transportation more efficient. 

4. Safe for Food Packaging
The customers have been paying more and more attention to the packaging materials when they decide to buy the food and beverage from the supermarket, on the other hand, the packaging of the food and beverage will influence the quality of them, for example, some plastic packaging will react with them, and pollute the food and beverage when the inner wall of the plastic packaging has been contacting wit the food and beverage for a long time. That will make the food and beverage unsafe at all, even lead a terrible health problem to the customers. 
The inner wall of the paper tube packaging will be paper with or without aluminum foiled, those can not react with the food or beverage at all, which ensure the food and beverage won’t be contaminated.
Taking the paper tube packaging for the food packaging and beverage packaging is a wise decision for health. This kind of packaging is the safest solution in the world.

5. Cost-Efficient
The most featured benefit of paper tube packaging is the cost-efficient, it is the cheapest packaging method among other alternative packaging, this packaging option can save 50% cost than other packaging materials at least including plastic, wood, metal, etc. The paper materials are cheaper than other materials obviously, and easier for manufacturer to do the printing on the paper. The lower packaging cost can reduce the total cost in producing the product which means you can enlarge your profit and win the competitive from your competitors in the market.

6. High Customization
The good packaging can help the manufacturer catch the customers’ eyes at the first sight when they are looking for a specific product, the packaging method of the product has to be very impressive and unforgettable. The packaging can attract the customers by their colors, patterns, texts, but the most important point is the shape of the packaging. The design of the packaging can customize their brand, colors and patterns on the surface of the paper tube packaging, those elements of design will be more obvious and unique on the paper tube packaging.
What’s more, the paper tube packaging can be applied to various occasions and seasons, you can customize the packaging theme according to your products, holidays, anniversary, festivals. 
Also, you can customize the paper tube packaging in the different shapes and dimensions to make sure the packaging can be fit for your products. 

7. Convenient for Customers
It is very convenient and friendly for customers when they get the products in paper tube packaging, because they can get the products out from the paper tube packaging simply through separating the paper tube packaging into two pieces, on another hand, the proper size of the paper tube packaging is a good cushion for products to make sure the products can be prevented from any damaged and defective. 
Obviously, the paper tube packaging is thinner than other common plastic packaging, the customer can squeeze the products out from the tube easily and fast, on the contrary, some plastic packaging may make the products jammed when customer open the packaging. 
As far as we know, the thickness of the paper tube packaging is less than 4mm, the thinnest is 0.1mm, it will not lead any jams to customer when they open the packaging.

After to discussed the benefits of paper tube packaging, we would like to let you know some key influences to learn some common knowledges for the paper tube packaging as below:
What you should take into account when customize a paper tube packaging
It is very important for the customer to choose a paper tube packaging manufacturer when they start to set up a new packaging project for their business. We have those following tips for customers to select a reliable supplier: 

Choose the packaging based on product types
The customers should set up the new packaging project according to the products which they need to pack, because they should take the packaging effects, cost, and transportation into account before start to build a packaging mock-up. For example, those easy-breakable products need the stronger packaging materials to make sure it will be protective during the long-distance transit including glass bottles, dropper bottle, sunglasses, ceramic. The paper tube packaging is ideal packaging method for this kind of breakable products.

Choose a reliable manufacturer
The most important for a customer to select a reliable manufacturer as the supplier rather than a trading company when they want to customize the paper tube packaging for their own products. A manufacturer can supply a whole solution for the paper tube packaging tube from materials choosing, printing and assembling to quality controlling, and after-sales supporting. It is useful and helpful for a customer to check the reviews and feedback of the manufacturer online, and learn more about the manufacturer for their official website including the producing capacity, the producing machines, the workers experience, the producing experience and the certificates which can ensure your paper tube packaging is under the control of the cost, and quality. After you convinced yourself by those information, you can place a sampling order to check the real quality, and send your own suggestions to this sample to test the services. Once everything went well as you expected, you can build a long-term relationship with this manufacturer. 

Understand the minimum order quantity
Small businesses may not have the bulk requirement of paper tubes. it is natural to prefer large manufacturers as they have the best equipment and resources. However, they may not table for small businesses YouTube there high minimum order a quantity restrictions. Select a seller it up that best meets your needs.
Generally speaking, the trading company requests a high minimum order quantity by the name of making the price cheaper, but a real manufacturer must focus on the requests of the paper tube packaging from customer. The manufacturer wants to know the specific requirements on materials, printing, dimension rather than the minimum order quantity. The customer should ask the minimum order quantity from the supplier directly before place the sampling order, because the trading company will increase the order quantity after the samples approved. 
Maybe the customer doesn’t have a bulk requests when they decided to set up a new business, they prefer to test the new project by an ordinary order at the first, it is the best choice for them to select a manufacturer to produce the small order for this situation. Because manufacturer knows well about how to work for the customers.

Customers must have done some research already before decide to work with the suppliers, it is the best option for customers that they can ask 3 quotations or more from different suppliers. Maybe the customer will choose the lowest price which offered from a supplier among them, but price is not the only reason to choose a supplier, you’d better ask the samples from those different suppliers to compare their quality, then make a conclusion on the balance between price and quality.
The supplier with the balance between price and quality will be the choice for you to trust, then you can make the price cheaper by increase order quantity.

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