4 ways to improve the environmental protection of product packaging

4 ways to improve the environmental protection of product packaging
Environmental protection is very complicated and difficult to define. From the manufacturing and selection of product packaging box materials, as well as packaging box production and later attribution, all need to be considered. In fact, product packaging boxes are not absolutely environmentally friendly, only relatively environmentally friendly and more environmentally friendly packaging boxes. The following 4 methods can better improve the environmental protection of product packaging.
1. Use renewable natural resources

Natural resources are generally divided into three types. The first is inexhaustible resources, such as wind and solar energy, etc., and the second is non-renewable natural resources, such as plastics. The raw material oil needed. The third type is renewable natural resources, such as trees for making paper, cotton for making cotton cloth, and so on. Using renewable natural resources as the material of the packaging box can better protect the earth's non-renewable resources.

2. Use less material

Using less box material is probably the most impactful change made for the box. Regardless of whether the packaging box chooses materials that are recyclable, reusable, or have no adverse effects on the environment. The less material used in the packaging box, the less energy will be used, and therefore the more environmentally friendly.

3. Reduce printing

The more ink used in the packaging box, the more toxic heavy metal substances are released. Although there are many environmentally friendly inks, they cannot fundamentally solve the problem. Only reducing the amount of ink used is the best way to make the packaging more environmentally friendly. This is also one of the reasons why the minimalist design style is very popular in the packaging industry.

4. Reusable

Compared with disposable product packaging, reusable packaging has a longer service life. Although, compared to ordinary packaging boxes, reusable packaging boxes require more time, effort and money in the selection of materials and the details of production. But judging from the life cycle of the packaging box, it can actually create greater value for the brand and customers.

Although in the selection and production process of the packaging box, we cannot guarantee that it will be 100% environmentally friendly, but through the above 4 methods, we can increase the environmental index of the gift packaging box and make the packaging box more sustainable.

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